Korkeakoski is a Helsinki based record label and media company.

We release music and promote artists by label Korkeakoski. Our releases can be found on all the widely known stream and download services.

With media productions we are specialized in on-location productions and post-production and our services include both audio and video.




Korkeakoski was first found in year 2013 in Kotka, Finland. Originally the company started with a recording studio based in an old mechanical workshop built in early 20th century.


It was very inspiring building for creating awesome soundscapes and we did some awesome records there. Regardless the atmosphere we quite soon realized that one fixed location is not what is being needed these days. It would be better to be flexible and have a solid gear and workflow for various locations. After realising this we went into being more agile. We kept the original craftmanship for recording exiting soundscapes but instead of investing into walls we put the money into being agile and invested into world class mobile recording setup.


Today we are a Helsinki-based company with flexible ways of working, solid handling of complete media projects and state of the art production equipment.  And we are able to move, no matter if you project is in Finland or somewhere else in the world.


Video Services

Previously we have also worked with video productions. We have done complete video productions from pre-production to filming and post-production.

We have also supported media companies from abroad when they have come to film in Finland. We have supported with gatering, accomodation, location scouting, transportation and much more.

More info will be added later.


Audio Services

We as a company originate in audio and recording music. Today we have state of the art signal chain and capability of recording 16 channels at the time. Signal chain goes through industry standard microphones and we can split the audio off from live mixing console so we can capture any live show with all the channels recorded separately. Recording a complete big band live or capturing one track at a time are both accepted ways of working.


We use the best audio interfaces, A/D converters and preamps from Universal Audio and Audient. Our gear makes it possible to capture audio with up to 24 bit / 192 kHz sample rate.

In recording, mixing and processing we rely on the best quality products from Steinberg, Universal Audio, Neve, SPL, Solid State Logic, Ampeg, Markbass, Fender, VOX just to name a few. Our collection of microphones include microphones from AKG, Audio Techica, Audix, Oktava, Rode, Sennheiser, Shure & Townsend Labs. The last one allows us to record crystal clear flat frequency curve audio or model all the classic mics from German ribbons and condenser mics to SM7 and other classics.

No matter if you would like to record an album, capture a live concert of just record a few additional tracks to your existing project, we have what it takes it to take it to the next level.


We offer audio recording on-location, mixing and editing. For small projects we have a small room for recording projects in Helsinki, Finland.

We want to be flexible so that you can focus on being creative!



Projects have been anything from recording vocal tracks into complete recording, producing, editing and mixing.

We have done projects with:

Demonic Death Judge
Kotka Big Band

plus and many others.

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