Demonic Death Judge live at Sam’s Pub

15-channel live show capture

On saturday we put our new signal chain into test bench with capturing Demonic Death Judge live show at Sam’s Pub, Karhula Finland.

All the signals that live engineer had going to his desk were splitted into our preamps and A/D converters. A few additional mics were added to capture the live audience and room ambience.

The guys played an energetic show and you could hear that they’ve been playing a lot together live all across the Northern Europe. It will be interesting to see how their live-album will sound after mixing and mastering.

We offer up to 16-channel recording on-location and we have also a 16-channel splitter where we can distribute the signal both to front house and to our recording setup. Our signal chain goes through industry standard microphones into state of the art preamps and A/D-converters by Universal Audio and Audient. The maximum sample rate we can capture is 192 kHz / 24 bit.

If you want to have your gig recorded, ask for a quotation!

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